Darts Fanatic Hits the Bullseye Winning £258,670 at William Hill

Darts Fanatic Hits the Bullseye Winning £258,670 at William HillA 45-year old call center worker from Burnley in the UK is no doubt enjoying a well deserved day off, after winning £258,670 playing online slots at William Hill.

The self-confessed darts fanatic hit the bullseye in a single spin worth 20p – not even enough to buy a bag of potato chips. Taylor, who doesn’t even own a car, decided to have a punt after finding it difficult to get a quick forty winks ahead of his night shift. So instead of throwing arrows (his usual remedy for a trip to dreamland) he decided to have a 20p spin on the slot machine Super Spins Bar X. Well if it was sleep he was after, he was in a for a rude awakening, because I challenge anybody to find the pillow after that windfall.

“It’s still not really sunk in. It’s about the equivalent of 20 years wages as I won’t pay any tax on my winnings.” Taylor told the Burnley News, “It’s not enough for me to retire, but it will make life a lot easier. I won’t be worrying about the bills and I’ll be able to go wherever I want on holiday.”

Taylor’s big win still lags way behind the largest online slot machine pay out for William Hill, which was inked on a check issued in just February of last year. Lien Bailey, a 23-year old barman from Doncaster struck gold when he hit the jackpot on the ‘Millionaires Club’ slot machine. In an astonishing slice of luck Taylor lost his internet connection within seconds of his victory, and so didn’t even realized he had won until he got back online and found his victory salutation waiting for him, and £804,313.43 in his online account.

But neither of these two mammoth scores is even in the same ballpark as the Vietnamese American, Ly Sam. Sam was playing slots in the Palazzo Club at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Ho Chi Minh City when he won a jackpot of $55,542,296.73 after a 10-cent spin. What makes this story even more incredible is the fact that the maximum jackpot on the machine that Sam was playing was only $46,000.

The multi-million jackpot that was flashing before the ecstatic eyeballs of Sam was a technical glitch. Initially, the casino refused to pay out the Godzilla of a prize, but the District 1 Peoples Court in Ho Chi Minh City settled in Sam’s favor and ordered The Sheraton Hotel to pay Sam VND 1.55 trillion, making it a world record win for a slot machine.