Microgaming rebrands as MPN; Paddy Power visual rebrand brings the mischief


microgaming-mpn-paddy-power-rebrandsIsle of Man-based gaming software provider Microgaming has rebranded its Microgaming Poker Network as MPN, a new incarnation that comes complete with a new URL at thempn.eu. The rebranding is the result of a top-to-bottom revamp the company claims to have initiated way back in January 2010, the most recent elements of which are the rollout of a new poker lobby and a new Flash client over Q4 2012 and Q1 2013. Head of Network Games Lydia Melton said the changes were necessary to “build the framework for a scalable and sustainable network,” and now that it was in place, MPN was “more flexible, resilient and adaptable to any changes that this turbulent industry can throw our way.” And MPN’s new pine-fresh scent is to die for… Of course, now we’re wondering what the letters in poker room PKR used to stand for…

A little further west of the Isle of Man, Emerald Isle bookies Paddy Power have embarked on their first visual rebranding in the company’s 25-year history. The new visual identity eliminates the gap in between ‘Paddy’ and ‘Power’ and tilts the letters on a slightly upward angle to suggest, er, something. Brand consulting firm Landor Associates was the company behind this minor masterstroke of 5° rotation, which Paddy’s ‘head of brand DNA’ Alex Phelan said was meant to convey the company’s “irreverent, mischievous” reputation. Frankly, we suspect the Paddy pranksters are punking the entire advertising media, but fine, we’ll play along.

The rebrand features a host of similarly rotated sub-logos with the defining suffix (poker, casino, bingo, sport, etc.) in different colors from the traditional Paddy green, which Phelan claims was maintained as a tribute to the firm’s Irish heritage. However, different shades of green will also be employed to ensure it’s “relevant to all the countries we go into.” (It’s a right bummer that Sharia law declares gambling to be haram, because Islam is all about the green.) We can’t help but wonder if Landor conducted focus group testing in which they held up various color swatches against footballer’s groins to make sure nothing would clash at the next international footie fest. Paddy Power expects the redesign rollout to be complete by summer, in time for the company’s 25th birthday.