3G Studios files application for Nevada online gambling license, becomes first video game company to do so

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3G Studios applies for online gambling licenseThe variety of companies that have filed online gambling license with the Nevada Gaming Control Board continues to grow after 3G Studios applied for multiple Online Service Provider’s licenses. The video game developer is the first video game company to make a play into the US online gambling market. Imagine that, a video game that offers real-money gambling in the US. Next thing you know, playing online video game poker on your console will actually be worth more than just those token chips.

In the event 3G Studios’ application gets approved, they’ll find themselves in a unique position of being a pioneer in the field of offering what could end up becoming the world’s first license, for-money US-based poker sites. James Kosta, the founder and CEO of 3G Studios, has high hopes for the company in the event their application passes. “Mobile and online gambling will revolutionize the U.S. gambling industry,” Kosta said. “With our extensive experience in video game development, mobile gaming, social gaming and gambling technology, 3G Studios is uniquely positioned within this emerging industry. We plan to leverage that experience to deliver the next-generation gambling experience to a much wider demographic.”

With a unique perspective on the Nevada gambling market as a Reno-based company and possessing expertise in the field of video games, 3G Studios is looking into becoming a major player in the industry. The plan, at least in the short term, is to offer US-based poker sites to residents of Nevada, before branching out into other states who loosen – or better yet, lift – their restrictions on online gambling.

The end-game for 3G Studios is to become a pioneer. With these license applications, they could very well become known for more than just a developer of  best-selling console video games. With growing sentiment leaning towards a shift in legalizing online gambling, 3G Studios’ unique perspective on the evolving U.S. gambling landscape gives it a true advantage over the rest of its contemporaries.



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