Resorts World Sentosa investigated; Indonesia attacks online gambling (again)

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resorts-world-sentosa-indonesia-thailandSingapore’s Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) has reportedly launched a probe into allegations that Genting’s Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) casino has been reimbursing mandatory entry levies imposed on local gamblers. Today Online reported that the investigation has been underway for almost a year, and may involve hundreds of such reimbursements. The paper also claimed that the investigation has prompted RWS to suspend several high-level execs, including a senior VP. The CRA declined comment on whether or not such an investigation was underway. RWS said it did not comment “on personnel matters.”

The disclosure of such an investigation couldn’t come at a worse possible time, as Singapore legislators are currently debating the imposition of stricter measures on the city-state’s two casinos for failing to charge the S100/day entry levies. What’s more, this wouldn’t be the first time RWS was caught bending the rules. The CRA hit RWS with a S530k fine in May 2011 for similar reimbursement shenanigans as well as other infractions, including failure to keep proper video records of casino activity.

In Indonesia, government officials have decided to legalize online gambling. PSYCH! In reality, three ministries have announced they will combine forces to crack down even harder on gambling over the internet. The Jakarta Post reports the Communications and Informational Technology Ministry will block local users from accessing specific websites following a determination by the Social Affairs Ministry that the activity on a site amounts to gambling. Even websites offering door prizes or free lotteries will get hit with the ban hammer. The Social Affairs Ministry grants around 8k requests to operate free lotteries every year, but a spokesman said some applicants “misuse the licenses to provide online gambling instead.” The third government agency involved will be the Religious Affairs Ministry, whose representatives will stand at the back of the room, arms folded, shaking their heads in a condescending manner.

But hey, maybe Indonesians will get lucky and the various ministries will turn out to be staffed by officials without sticks up their back passages, such as the police officers from Thailand depicted below. The photo, which appeared in the Pattaya Daily News, purports to show on-duty officers in the popular resort area engaged in what appears to be gambling activities. An extremely-desperate-for-this-story-to-blow-over Lt. Col. Kirtisak Srathong-oi said the police may have simply been ‘testing and checking evidence’ following a gambling bust. Well, of course. With technology as sophisticated as dice and a plastic sheet, it’s perfectly reasonable that it would take at least four officers – each with money in hand – to conduct the rigorous testing necessary to go into court with confidence. “Hang on… It’s my turn to test next!”



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