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brazil most popularLatin America is constantly being touted as one of the next big things in the global gaming industry. Even though it may never reach anything like the level that Asia does and in all honesty it probably never expects to it doesn’t detract from it being extremely attractive to operators. In 2011 the entire market was worth $32 billion and with ecommerce growth at 50 percent the only way is up from here.

This being the case we decided to ask our readers which part of Latin America they want a piece of and got the following results.

Given that this part of the world is home to millions of football lovers it’s only right sports books have a particular eye in this direction. This is why it was no surprise that football-crazy Brazil came out top of our survey with 47 percent of the vote. Add to this that it’s by far the largest country and you can see why it’s so appealing.

Lagging far behind the carnival nation in second place was Mexico with 16 percent. Readers obviously saw the potential in a country that also has a sizeable population and a number of firms are already looking to take advantage of this.

Argentina was a close third with 15 percent and it’s one country that is seeing increasing growth with Ukash, in particular, looking to take advantage in a country where cash is king.

Colombia is another country that has huge potential for sports betting and that was suggested by 7 percent of voters finding the market interesting.

Joining them on 7 percent was the location of this year’s Gaming Executive Summit Latin America (GES LatAm), Panama and it reflects a gaming industry preference for working in this country.

Bringing up the rear was Chile with 4 percent of the poll, Peru taking 3 percent and Others accounting for 1 percent.

There we have it then. iGaming is more interested in what Rio’s Carnival of iGaming has to offer compared with anywhere else in Latin America. This week’s poll looks at “What will contribute most to the success of social gambling?”.


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