Pacquiao v Mayweather – the Soap Opera. Day Two.

Pacquiao and Mayweather

Pacquiao and MayweatherManny Pacquiao’s side of the fence is denying that a fight with Floyd Mayweather will take place on May 5. Day two on the latest episode of the will-they won’t-they saga concerning the fight everyone wants to see has Pac-man’s people denying that a fight will take place. The Filipino’s financial advisor, Michael Koncz, told the AP that the 45,000 seat purpose built arena in Las Vegas won’t be finished until the end of May – three weeks after the fight would take place. Koncz added that fighting in a smaller venue is “foolish from an economic standpoint.”

His promoter, Top Rank’s Bob Arum, was more optimistic that a fight would take place. He recognized that an “economic problem” could hold it up and admitted that the fight “could happen very, very easily” at the end of May to allow the indoor arena to be built.

Currently Mayweather has the MGM Grand Garden booked for a bout on Cinco de Mayo ahead of serving an 87-day jail term. It’s thought that even if they decide to juke it out in front of 17,000 at the MGM Grand, Pacquiao wants a 50-50 purse split.

The latest comes two days after Mayweather challenged Pacquiao on Twitter to come out and fight. Mayweather was back at it again yesterday with a friendly face helping him out.

That man was none other than rapper 50 Cent, and video has emerged of Fiddy calling out Manny at this week’s CES 2012 expo. Standing alongside a pink head-phoned Mayweather, Fiddy confesses that not only is he “looking for him” he also poses the question: “why he running scared?”

All we can say to 50 is that he’s probably come to the wrong place if he wants to find Manny. The Philippines might have been a better a place to call on him. That way he’d likely have come outta the woodwork and had you floored before you can say P.I.M.P. Roll the tape…