Kansas Democrats want change in laws; Pennsylvania approves latest casino

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KansasKansas Democrats are hoping modifications gambling laws will attract investment to the state’s fledgling gambling industry. Proposals include lowering the threshold on investment from $200million to $100million and lowering the percentage take of revenue on closed venues that are reopened. Democrats estimate in 2014 it would generate around $5.4m in revenue with the majority of that coming from racetracks. They project this will increase to $15.4m in 2015 when a casino business opens in the state’s South Eastern zone. That will be the final casino to be built of the four allowed and the increase in money being generated will feed the repair of dilapidated University buildings in the state.

Pennsylvania’s Gaming Control Board unanimously approved the Valley Forge Casino Resort access plan. The Board voted 7-0 to approve the plan that is key to the venue actually being allowed to open. It sets out who’s allowed in the casino, which is the following:

  • Daily visitors to the Valley Forge Convention Centre that spend $10 at any restaurant, bar, retail outlet or other amenity.
  • Attendees of meetings, conventions, banquets, conferences, weddings or other events continuing for 24 hours after the event.
  • Registered overnight guests
  • Those holding a dining or entertainment membership

It’s the first of two casinos to be built that requires an action plan and enters a state that has a very strong casino business market right now. Upon the approval, Doug Harbach, Gaming Control Board spokesman, said: “In addition to finalizing the access plan, board staff is working with Valley Forge Casino in other key areas, with a goal of opening Pennsylvania’s first casino in the Category 3 resort classification.”


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