Bleeded dry: Poker ace Phil Ivey’s ex-wife still not happy with divorce settlement

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Phil IveyPoker legend Phil Ivey has got more in common with Paul McCartney than we ever knew. Just like the Beatles star, not only did Phil go through a tortuous diverse settlement over a year ago, but it came with a hefty price tag. Yep, his wife was a gold-digging leech. Although the difference between Phil’s and Paul’s blood sucking parasites was Phil’s wasn’t hoping around in desperation, although she was probably drooling with dollar signs in her eyes all the same.

Still, unluckily for the decades best poker player, even after his ex-wife Luciaetta got her settlement when the divorce was granted in December 2009, and the contributions were made in early 2010, a document filed earlier this month with the Nevada Supreme Court has revealed that she’s still not happy with her stolen riches.

A Las Vegas Review Journal report reveals that the legal document details how Luciaetta received a purse collection worth more than $1.2 million alongside jewellery valued at more than $1 million and $180,000 a month in alimony as part of the settlement. Bling bling.

However, she’s pissed because the couple’s “total community income” for 2008 was nearly $8 million – and she thinks she deserves more. The cheek. She filed a petition in September asking for the Supreme Court to disqualify the Clark County Family Court judge assigned to the sealed divorce case, Bill Gonzalez. Why? Because she said there were issues with campaign contributions Phil and his lawyers made to Gonzalez. The petition also challenges the decision of Chief District Judge Jennifer Togliatti, who denied Luciaetta Ivey’s motion to disqualify Gonzalez.

In November, the Supreme Court ruled that Luciaetta had raised issues of “arguable merit” in the case and gave Phil 30 days to answer her petition.

Phil answered airtight. In response to the perition file with the high court, he said his former wife “ended up with no debt, with millions of dollars worth of property, and with specific unambiguous alimony provisions.” Go on, get her told, lad.

Phil’s answer,  submitted by attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, also states Luciaetta received her car, her life insurance policy, 40% of a stock account, a down payment for a new residence, half of the proceeds from the sale of the couple’s home, and 40% of all business interests “with the exception of Tiltware, LLC,” the parent company of Phil Ivey’s online sponsor, FullTilt Poker.

Luciaetta and her lawyer, Bruce Shapiro, haven’t commented on the information in Phil’s answer, but Shapiro said he plans to file a reply soon. Bet they can’t think of a goo enough comeback.

When will young men realise they should never get sucked into marriage? Well, unless they get the lady to sign a pre-nup witnessed by a lawyer first…


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