Manning status has sports bettor on tenterhooks

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Peyton ManningThe status of Peyton Manning’s neck is of interest right across America right now for a number of different reasons. Manning’s status has moved from “definitely not” to “maybe if we push him” after his third neck operation in two years suggested he could return to the worst team in the NFL. Since Manning was ruled out in August, the Indianapolis Colts have gone winless and could go down as the second side ever to register a 0-16 record. After being eliminated from the playoffs last weekend, there could be even more anxious times ahead as the franchise decides whether a Manning-less future is for them and one sports bettor hopes to become $10k richer as a result.

By stinking the place out all season, they will automatically win the Andrew Luck lottery and with it comes the quandary. Do you see what Luck the Stanford QB can bring or stick with the man that has led you to the playoffs for the past ten seasons?

On the face of it, there’s nothing to be considered. Manning is one of the true greats of the modern era. Receivers have come and gone, as have coaches, while the 11-time Pro Bowl constant has led them to two Super Bowls and smashed a number of records in the process. He has been the picture of stability and meant in the AFC only the Patriots and Steelers have challenged. You’d imagine he has around three to four years left in him and with Manning at the helm, they’re almost nailed on for the playoffs.


There comes a time when you have to break with tradition and number one pick in the draft is not something to take lightly. Next summer will be 14 years since they drafted Manning and breaking with that tradition to start anew with Luck is an attractive course to take. QBs coming out of college are an ambitious bunch and Luck may request a starting berth and nothing else. It may not be wise but sitting on the bench for three seasons won’t be up there on Luck’s wish list.

You then have the third scenario where they attempt to do what the Packers did with Favre and Rodgers. By having the reigning Super Bowl MVP learn the ropes from the old-timer, the Pack set themselves up for years of success and if there’s anyone that could teach a young guy, it’s Manning. Play the 35-year-old for two more seasons then hand him the keys. It’s worth a shot as much as any of the other options.

$10k FROM $10

The best indicator in all of this could be if Manning manages to play any snaps in the final five games of the season. That would leave the franchise and one sports bettor sweating more than ever. A man identified only as “Pete” put a $10 prop bet on the Colts to go through the season without a win and it looks like that hinges on whether Manning sees any action.

Pete, told Beyond the Bets, “My rationale was simple: Peyton has made a ton of money in his career already, why chance it if this thing is serious?” Pete told Beyond the Bets. “We’re not talking about some ligament damage in a knee, we are talking about his spine and neck. There is no way a multimillion dollar enterprise like Peyton, Inc., is going to take any chances or rush a neck injury.”

He later told Larry Brown Sports that he feels “good, but not great” about his prospects and with the latest news on Manning’s injury, “Pete” will be touching cloth. The same goes for the franchise itself as it attempts to decide whether it feels Luck-y.


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