Dare to bet against Rex

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Rex RyanHe made Peyton Manning take a seat, and then he sent Tom Brady packing in Brady’s own backyard, he brushed his shoulder off after dusting Belichick and now he wants some of Big Ben and Steeltown. Rex Ryan, hate him or love him, is a very bad man.

He played the media like a fiddle, taking all of the pressure off his players and placing it on himself with his comments, he even got Wes Welker talking smack, a move that cost him a start; all of Ryan’s moves seemed to work to perfection. If Sunday’s game between the Jets and the Pats was a battle between Belichick and Ryan, then Ryan won in a TKO.

If you didn’t believe in the Jets before, they have your attention now, but most importantly, they certainly have the attention of bettors. They beat Manning and the Colts, they beat Brady and the Pats, and now they want the Steelers and they’re daring anyone to bet against them. Props for this game are sure to be hot items. It will be interesting to see how Ryan spins this matchup in the media in an attempt to give his team an edge.

Bottom line is the Jets may have beaten both the Pats and the Colts, but they haven’t seen a defense like they will see at Heinz Field. Nobody runs on the Steelers, at least up until now. On the other hand, it’s a skeleton crew for the Steelers on the offensive line, after being struck with an untimely injury bug.

An extended offering of wagering options for this game capitalizes on the momentous run the Jets have made in the playoffs. Will Sanchez win a Super Bowl in only his second year? How many times will Big Ben get sacked?

Let’s not forget, Holmes a short year ago was the go-to-guy for the Steelers until they ran him out of town. This game will be personal for him you can bet on that, so with that said, how many catches does Holmes get? How many TD’s?

As the week goes on, media interactions with the players and coaching staff can offer up some excellent propositions to beef up betting and wagering options for this AFC Championship game.


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