Sportingbet thanks those Aussies; 32Red invests in protection from the elements; Amaya revenues hit new high


SportingbetOnline sports betting specialists Sportingbet saw an increase in total revenue over the first quarter despite challenging conditions in Europe. A rise of 17% in total revenue for the entire group saw it hit £59.9million with much down to an increase in wagers Down Under. Aussie amounts wagered increased by 95% and contributed to net gaming revenue (NGR) increasing by 165% with the territory accounting for 38% of the group’s total revenue.

Following the disposal of the Turkish arm the group now accrues 40% of NGR from regulated markets with the figure set to rise 18% in territories where tax is being paid ahead of regulation. Over in Europe the firm saw wagers decrease by 4.8%, with challenging conditions in both Spain and Greece to blame. That blip on the radar was remedied by its “industry leading” in-play margin of 10.1% and it now accounts for 67% of wagers in Europe. The company’s mobile actives increased by 108% year-on-year reflect the industry-wide trend of growth in this area. Poker didn’t enjoy the best of quarters as revenue decreased by 29.6% to £2.5million, “despite the recent closure of the US facing businesses of some of our competitors.”

Online casino business 32Red has moved to limit unexpected downtime by signing a deal with Spook Ltd. 32Red will be given an early warning when environmental conditions at its data centre change and ultimately cause IT failure. “Given the nature of our business and the service we provide, the reliance on our IT infrastructure is extremely high”, Graham Campbell, 32Red IT Director, said.

Technology is of utmost importance in the iGaming industry and if you have a product that fails it’s likely customers will go by the wayside as a result. The deal with Spook will see round-the-clock monitoring of various factors such as air conditioning outages, power failures and any water ingress. Campbell added: “Our server room contains over 100 servers, and is sensitive to any variation in temperature.”

This latest tidbit from 32Red follows the firm hooking up with age verification firm GB Group and goes to show that ensuring the customer and product are safe are both pivotal.

Canadian-based Amaya Gaming Group saw revenues for the third quarter skyrocket as their acquisition of Chartwell Games came to fruition. Revenue for the quarter was up 171% to CA$3.97million with the figure for the first nine months of the year up to CA$8.89m, an increase of 125%. These impressive figures were offset by net earnings coming to a loss of CA$1.8m, thanks to the costs attributed to start-ups in a number of different territories. The next set of results will be a better measure of any success they’ve so far enjoyed in Moldova, Kenya and Uganda.