Pakistan sets up anti-corruption unit; England rugby coach gone; Paddy Power sets up shop outside Twickenham

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PakistanPakistan has set up an anti-corruption unit as it struggles to come to terms with the biggest scandal in the history of Pakistani cricket. The vigilance division will attempt to prevent cricketers becoming embroiled in illegal betting practices the likes of which we saw in last year’s spot fixing scandal. The make-up will be comparable to the ECB’s anti-corruption Access Unit that educates players on corruption and gives them a confidential helpline to call. One of the accused, Mohammad Amir, accused the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of the lack of education on their part when in court. We’re not sure how much education Amir really needed to pull the word no from the fuzz in his skull.

Will it make much of a difference though? It’s fine creating this taskforce and it could eradicate big scandals like this one happening again. However, a smoother transition may occur, if the country regulated their gambling industry. The practice becoming more acceptable could take it from the shady backroom dealings that currently go on and mean that illegal practices become less common. If they and neighbours India both did this, the instances of corruption could fall drastically.

Martin Johnson has resigned as England Rugby Union boss after a disastrous World Cup ended with them crashing out last month. The former-captain’s three-and-a-half year reign was brought to an end earlier today as he paid the price for the quarter-final loss to France. He wasn’t helped by his squad indulging in one too many drunk nights out while in New Zealand and rugby’s part of the Royal Family partaking in a hearty game of dwarf throwing. If anything, it sounds like Jonno should have been knighted!

As soon as he’d been sacked Paddy Power had pitched up outside Twickenham’s rugby store to offer egg-chasers the chance to bet on the identity of the next boss:

Paddy Power


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