Badih Bou-Nahra eliminated in 7th at 2011 WSOP final table

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WSOP-2011-Badih-Bounahra-eliminatedBadih ‘Bob’ Bou-Nahra has been eliminated in 7th place at the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event final table, earning $1.3m. The oldest player – and the only amateur — at the table met his end on hand #67 at the hands of Martin Stasko. Neither player had much in the hole, with A-9 for Staszko and A-5 for Bou-Nahra. Nothing in the flop, turn or river produced anything to change those positions, bringing Bou-Nahra’s remarkable run to an undramatic close. But at least Bob can finally go outside and light that cigar he’s been clenching between his teeth all day.

A grocery wholesaler in his home country of Belize, this was the fourth trip to the WSOP by the self-described “recreational player”, and he’ll clearly be back next year. Note of caution to Bou-Nahra: medical professionals warn that holding an unlit cigar between your lips may make you think you look cool, but as your saliva mixes with the tobacco, it exposes your lips, mouth and esophagus to cancer-causing chemicals and other toxins. Just sayin’.

Current chip leader remains Pius Heinz at 53.5m, followed by Matt Giannetti at 49.8m, Staszko at 45.7m, Phil Collins at 28.1m, Ben Lamb at 15.3m and Eoghan O’Dea at 13.3m.

This year’s ESPN broadcast of the WSOP on a ‘near-live’ 15-minute delay came about after senior director of programming Doug White challenged his team to kick things up a notch. White claims “every sports needs to evolve … we viewed poker in that same light.” WSOP exec director Ty Stewart noted that poker had “historically been presented one way: packages, 44 minutes, 14-16 hands, lots of backstory, presented in a linear fashion. We wanted something similar to golf coverage. Not who was the biggest personality, who was the chip leader.” Nonetheless, Stewart recognizes that not everyone may be eager to be nudged out of their comfort zones. “Are people going to love this or hate this? I’m prepared for some of both.”


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