Nevada online poker hearing later today

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NevadaThe Nevada Gaming Control Board holds a public consultation later today looking at a new regulation pertaining to the operation of interactive gaming. Nevada Gaming Commission New Regulation 5A will be up for public discussion this week ahead of the Commission holding its own hearing in two weeks time.

The hearings take place after last weeks’ announcement that amendments had been made to Internet poker regulations. These are to protect players and firms are required to cover player deposits in a “reserve,” 25% of which must be held in cash. The “federally-insured financial institution” holding the reserve must “reasonably protect” the money against debts the operator might have. Don’t want another Full Tilt on their hands.

Gaming Control Board member A.G. Burnett added: “I think player fund protection goes to a core responsibility we have. With land-based operators facing uncertain financial times, that has been an issue of focus for us. We need to ensure that player funds are protected adequately and we spend a lot of time and energy on that task.”

Further amendments include not allowing bots to participate by “reasonably” ensuring that a game is between humans only. Burnett explained: “I would hope that all operators would try to curtail players gaining an unfair advantage, and to especially stop any cheating activities. I think the term “reasonably” is simply there so that the Board and Commission can impose a certain standard of care on them in that regard.”

The meetings later this month are ahead of a possible adoption vote in early December and something may go ahead unless congress decides to bust through the back doors with its own federal legislation. From our point of view, if companies want the lane with less traffic it would be the intrastate one with federal legislation like a blocked carriageway i.e. nothing’s going to happen for some time yet.


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