Codere expands sportsbetting operations in Valencia with Matencio

codereSpanish gaming group Codere has signed a four-year agreement with gaming machine operator Matencio in an effort to further expand its sports betting operations in the Spanish autonomous region of Valencia.

The agreement of both companies will result in a significant development of sportsbetting on the Valencian coast. Currently, the Group-branded Matencio operates more than 1,200 terminals in the region and has extensive experience in the private gaming sector with a channel catering to the southern peninsula.

Codere brings to the table experience as a pioneer in Spanish sports betting since 2007, and an infrastructure of over 600 betting points in Spain and 200 in Mexico, Panama , Uruguay and Brazil.

Leaders of the Group Matencio, Antonio and Tomas Matencio said in a press release: “We expect very good results…This new agreement brings together the experience in the private gaming and sports betting in Spain, with the positioning and experience in the gaming industry in this Community “.

Also, Jaime Estalella, Director of Operations for Codere Group Europe, said: “The combined efforts of both companies, with a long history in the private gaming sector, will drive this new market of sports betting in Valencia the next few years.”

Under the terms of the new agreement, both companies will work together until 2015.