Zynga Casino strategy clearer as company registers game domains

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zynga-casino-strategySocial games developer Zynga intends to be known by the ticker symbol ZNGA when it finally makes its debut on the NASDAQ exchange. The revelation came in a new S-1 filing the company submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. Zynga originally filed SEC papers in July to pave the way for its initial public offering, but recent market turmoil seems to have made the company’s trigger finger a little less itchy. While the recent Zynga Unleashed event revealed all sorts of hopes and dreams for the future, the company has yet to set a date for its IPO.

The new Zynga filings do shed a little more light on just how the company makes its bones. For the six-month period ending June 30, 2010, Zynga’s top-three revenue generating games were Mafia Wars, Farmville and Zynga Poker. Those same three games were also Zynga’s top moneymakers for the six-month period ending June 30, 2011, although their share of Zynga’s total revenue dropped from 84% in 2010 to 59% this year.

The Zynga Unleashed event also brought us the announcement of a new Zynga Bingo game and hints of future games under the Zynga Casino umbrella. Further hints as to Zynga’s casino strategy can be found in the list of 150 domain names it recently registered through its brand protection company MarkMonitor. Some of these domains seem solely designed to head off cheeky cybersquatters (,,, etc.). Others are far more practical (,,,,, and What? Not Was Zynga CEO Mark Pincus worried about an intellectual property challenge from the owners of


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