Svenska Spel launches mobile lottery

Svenska SpelSweden’s state-owned gaming operator Svenska Spel has further expanded its mobile gaming offering with the launch of Lotto.
With the new mobile Lotto offering, players can win gaming profits directly on their mobile phones. The mobile Lotto is a service that has long been requested by customers. With the launch, players can easily buy pre-packed grids or extend their previous games.

The offering is the result of both Svenska Spel responding to the demands of their customers and an effort to capitalize on the momentum of a growing mobile entertainment market.

Earlier this year, Swedish gaming operator Svenska Spel launched Stryktipset for mobile, a mobile football pools product exclusively covering Swedish football matches to its offering. With the new release of the mobile Lotto, Svenska Spel is making a concerted effort to up the mobile gaming ante.

Patrik Körberg Swedish gaming operator Svenska Spel’s sales manager for mobile gaming said in a news release: “We are constantly working to offer our customers more products and services on our mobile web. The goal is that in the future be filled with even more products.”