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full tilt poker ponzi schemeEveryone seems to have an opinion on what really went down with the Full Tilt Poker scandal. Opinions vary from players to gambling industry professionals and of course, if we follow what the US Department of Justice believes, then what happened with Full Tilt Poker was a glorified Ponzi Scheme.

Granted, players haven’t been paid their money and there was some real stupidity that occurred, but Ponzi Scheme? Really?

We polled our viewers and asked them “Was Full Tilt Poker a Ponzi Scheme?” Here are the results.

43 percent of our viewers weren’t sipping the DOJ’s inflammatory juice and responded with “No, it’s just a DOJ hyperbole.”

33 percent responded with some scepticism about what the Full Tilt Poker operation may have digressed into over the years. “33 percent believed it wasn’t a Ponzi Scheme, not from the start but…” Certainly in this case, there’s not just smoke but raging flames that could lead one to believe that.

24 percent saw this coming and responded that Yes it was a Ponzi Scheme and it was bad from the start.

Was it all bad? Granted, the Full Tilt case has provided an opportunity for competing interests to build their hate case against international gaming operators, but that wasn’t that bound to happen anyway?

It sure has been a long fall from the top. Perhaps one of the worst results of this are the victims who are the players that are yet to receive their money.

Additionally, you have to feel for anyone with the unfortunate luck to have the name Ponzi- and of course the reputations of politicians like Barney Frank which are now being questioned after having received campaign contributions from the mired gaming operator.


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