Victor Ortiz poses in man panties before Mayweather fight

victor ortizIf you were thinking about backing Victor Ortiz to take out Floyd Mayweather in the their upcoming boxing match, you probably won’t be impressed to learn that in preparation for the fight, Ortiz has been doing some modelling of men’s panties.

That’s not a joke, it’s not even a diss, sadly it’s the truth.

Ortiz has become the spokesman for and men’s underwear company, and with his fight just around the corner, TMZ posted photos of Ortiz almost butt naked in an underwear campaign, not exactly the “Vicious” Victor look he was probably going for.

The problem for boxing fans and bettors isn’t Ortiz is posing in men panties and flexing like he’s “The Situation” from Jersey Shore, we just hope it pays well.

The issue for many boxing fans and bettors will be that a photo-shoot posted all over the internet a few weeks before the fight doesn’t do much to support Ortiz’s claim that he’s not soft. Ortiz’s reputation took a huge hit and his toughness has been question ever since he basically quit in his bout against Marcos Maidana just over two years ago.

On the other hand, maybe after seeing Ortiz in man panties, Mayweather won’t take him seriously and Ortiz might have a chance to pull off the upset…I can’t look at those pictures and believe that.