Players in the US will have to wait according to Rose


gambling-and-the-law-nelson-roseWhen it comes to authoritative voices on the US gambling industry there aren’t many more respected than Professor I. Nelson Rose. We’ve seen him in the past ralk at length here on the tablog about many issues from the winners to come out of Black Friday to what PokerStars’ future holds in the French market. We even caught up with the man himself at GiGSE for an exclusive video interview.

The latest interview to go to press appears on where the discussion is focused on Gambling and the USA. It looks at the fall out from Black Friday and why online casinos were given an easier ride. Rose said, “Sports betting clearly falls under the main federal anti-gambling law, the Wire Act, while some courts have ruled that online casinos do not violate that statute, making them more difficult to prosecute.

“Plus, American law does not allow trials in absentia, meaning the defendant must be brought physically into the courtroom, a difficult feat to accomplish under present extradition treaties.”

He goes on to talk about the fact that the gambling industry is unlikely to prosper in the US anytime soon. For a long time now we’ve said that legal Internet gambling inside the US won’t be happening in the near future (including on a state-by-state basis) and it’s something that Rose wholeheartedly agrees with. On the issue of casinos he’s clear that players in the US can expect a long wait until they are able to gamble.

The interview in its entirety can be read at this link and to hear more from I.Nelson Rose you can visit his website Gambling and The Law, where all of his blogs are available to read.