Bwin and SAjOO complete French merger; Casino770 launches in Belgium

bwin fr and and have completed a deal that will see the two sites merge. It means that Pwin and Amaury Group have now combined their online gaming industry businesses. Commenting on today’s announcement, Norbert Teufelberger, co-CEO of Pwin, said, “Combining the resources of SAjOO and bwin France makes perfect sense and will only enhance our already strong position in the French market. With the prospect of a more commercial regulatory framework in 2012, we look forward to building a market leading enterprise with our long-standing partner.”

The exact terms of the merger are yet to be released and it comes after the two have worked together since 2008. Both run on the Ongame network that is one of the assets that Pwin is looking to dispense.

Philippe Carli, Amaury Group’s CEO added, “This merger creates a new force in the French market, one that we expect will prosper over the months and years to come. We remain optimistic that the current review of the existing regulatory framework being conducted by the French Government will result in significant improvements to the legal and regulatory framework. In this context, Amaury group is strengthening its involvement with bwin France, one of the sector’s leading operators.”

Across the border in Belgium, Casino770 has partnered with Casino de Spa to launch an all-new site. Available in French, English, German and Dutch the site takes advantage of new laws on the Internet gambling industry in the country. Until recently, the government had full control over the gaming industry. Since January this has changed and land-based casino business owners are able to apply for a license to operate an online site.