Reggie Bush heads to South Beach

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Reggie BushIn Miami they like flash, they like the show, and they like big names and big time players. That’s on and off any playing field in Miami. When Mario Chalmers gets more juice in South Beach than the Dolphins starting QB, there’s something wrong with that picture. The product the Phins were putting on the field may be following some hybrid Parcells formula, but it wasn’t exciting anyone in South Beach.

That’s why the latest move for the Dolphins to pick up Reggie Bush, who has never been a full time back, is less durable and won’t eat up as many tough yards as Brown or Williams did, is still a good move for the Dolphins and the city of Miami.

It’s never promised that a team will make the playoffs or have a great season, but organizations can always make sure there’s fans in the stands by putting an exciting product out on the field. That’s exactly what having the former USC standout, Reggie Bush in Miami accomplishes. Bush gives Miami that flash, that explosiveness, that additional offensive game-changer that they lacked last year.

For those who felt the Dolphins were heading in the right direction, this might be seen as a gimmick move that might pay off if Bush can have a huge season. But for the Saints, the deal was inevitable, Bush’s $11 million dollar contract was just too much justify.


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