in management buyout?

Late last week, rumors swirled that had undergone an ownership shakeup. A short while later, betting forums saw the emergence of, a self-described Costa Rica-based “independent and non-profit organization setup [sic] by players who have been burned” by shady gaming companies in the wake of Black Friday/Blue Monday. IndustryAlert wanted the gambling world to know that it was “very concerned” by the rumors and helpfully suggested that players get their money off the site ASAP.

Aaron Gould's elusive payday
IndustryAlert’s website is a pretty threadbare operation, and their initial communiqués to bettors didn’t instill confidence (apart from spelling mistakes, they referred to Absolute Poker as ‘Action Poker’). Also, their list of villains lumps PokerStars in with AP/UB, betED and Full Tilt, even though PokerStars are regarded as post-Black Friday heroes for their efforts in refunding players deposits. A few forum members went further, questioning how their email addresses came to be in IndustryAlert’s possession, suggesting that it’s a naked phishing expedition. Regardless of their identity or motive, we do enjoy the IndustryAlert site’s slogan: “No advertising, just angry.” Hulk… smash!

The rumors heard regarding claimed that the company was undergoing a management buyout, which confused us, as we were under the impression that was already owner-managed, so who/what is buying out who/what here? It wouldn’t be the first time that’s owners sold the company to themselves, but did they get more than $10 this time? If they did, Aaron Gould, who once claimed to be’s CEO/COO/WTF, might have missed out on a lucrative payday. Like, a whole buck.