More online gambling domain makeovers; a gambling exec says Gould-bye

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G'day or g'bye, mate? Is Aaron Gould hoping to hop off into the sunset?

In the wake of Black Friday, many poker companies switched their top-level domains from .com to .eu. In the wake of Blue Monday, many sportsbooks switched from .com to .ag (Antigua). However, there were a few exceptions to these patterns. BetUS (owned by former partners of Gary Kaplan at NASA, the predecessor of broke with its long tradition of simply aping whatever Bodog did, opting instead for (Panama). We guess would have looked pretty silly, at that.

Not to be outdone, (long rumored to be the true owners of the Merge Gaming Network), chose to become (Australia). However, they held onto their new Aussie identity for about as long as it took to down a couple Fosters and roger a few wallabies. The company has since had a change of heart about its change of address, and is now operating at

Frankly, we’re super pissed at Sportsbook.whatever’s fickle loyalties, because we’d already begun work on photoshopping the company’s alleged CEO/COO/WTF Aaron Gould onto several stereotypical Australian images (koalas, dingoes, Nicole Kidman). Worse, we’ve since learned that Gould has announced he’s stepping down from his role as… something.

Frankly, Gould was a noted teller of tall tales, so we never really believed his claims of calling the shots from a corner office at Even now, we’re convinced Gould is merely pretending to have walked away from the online gambling industry, as he has apparently decided to retain his residence in Costa Rica. We suspect his true motive in announcing his ‘retirement’ was meant to encourage our graphics department to find some other poor schmuck to have fun with. So is this the end of Gouldpinkie? Only time (and his career path) will tell…

But in case this really is goodbye, let’s pause a moment to remember all the good times we had together. As your eyes pan across this tribute, it might help to imagine The Way We Were, or perhaps the Benny Hill theme, playing in the background…

Aaron montage


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