Plaxico Buress free as an agent

plaxico burress mugshotFormer Giants receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison today and his agent Drew Rosenhaus thinks that the future is still bright for the 33 year old Buress.

I never understood how Buress actually received jail- time. Some guys can rape girls or assault people and get away with it, while others shoot themselves and get jail time. With all that money, he couldn’t get a good enough lawyer that could get his sentence down to community service and counseling?

Burress hasn’t played in an NFL game since Nov. 23, 2008 and has missed the last two full seasons of play in the NFL. But if Mike Vick has proven anything, it is that once an NFL athlete, always an NFL athlete. Years in jail didn’t hamper Vick’s explosiveness or his feel for the game and that’s at the complicated position of QB.

Buress will be returning to the NFL as a free agent. Though some teams may be hesitant, you can assume that the majority of teams out there would be willing to take a chance on Buress. Buress is a 6-5 receiver with exceptional hands and leaping ability. He is a match-up nightmare one-on-one for any defense and having spent the last two seasons in the clink, he’s got a little less wear and tear on him.

Thanks to the ongoing NFL Lockout, Buress is in the same position as every other free agent in the NFL, on the outside with no contract.
It wouldn’t hurt for sportsbooks to put out some odds on where Buress will end up playing next. Anytime you can get some odds up on NFL you have to take it, especially these days.

It’s highly unlikely he’ll return to the Giants, and though it has been rumoured that the Jets could be interested in Buress, it’s likely he’ll want to get out of New York and get a fresh start, maybe a place like Seattle where the Washington State gun laws are very lax might be a possibility.

What NFL team will sign Plaxico? Speaking of Vick, might the Eagles be looking to reform another jail bird?