K-Rod needs surgey after he KO’s baby’s mama papi

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It just might be the bonehead move of the entire MLB season, and that’s high praise considering some of the things we’ve already seen this year. Francisco Rodriguez will require season ending surgery to repair a torn ligament in his hand after doing his best Peoples Hernandez impersonation.

The injury stems from a brouhaha in which K-Rod began feeding his common law girlfriend’s father with uppercuts at Mets stadium. Why? Apparently during an argument between K-Rod and his babies mama, her dad stepped in and told K-Rod to man up. Well he did, right in his baby’s mamas grill. No one really knows, or may ever know what could possess K-Rod to fly that far off the handle, but I can speculate using sound logic and keen insight. If I may… The only reason one of the best closers in the game would risk having his $37 million dollar contract voided by injuring himself in a fist fight is, drumroll…He’s an idiot!

Let’s be serious, there’s no justification behind it, yes the Mets have had a frustrating season, but K-Rod has to know those hands are worth too much to risk injury, his livlihood is in those hands. Especially his hands, you don’t get a nickname for being average, they call him K-Rod, those hands are his meat and his potatoes with gravy and a biscuit! Doesn’t he have an entourage or something? Couldn’t he have tapped a 300 pound yes man, and say, Julio, smoke dis fool?

Sadly, and slightly comically, K-Rod has joined an exclusive list of athletes who have jeopardized or ended their careers with bonehead off the playing field moves.

Monte Ellis
Monte Ellis wrecked his ankle in the offseason while working out, or so he said. The truth is, Ellis was being a bonehead and ripping around on a moped. I can understand why he tried to lie about it, getting hurt ripping around on a moped is kind of like dating a really fat girl, it’s all fun and games until people find out about it.

Jason Williams
This might be the saddest off field injury ever. Jason Williams was a filthy Duke point guard who was almost certainly going to light it up in the NBA, unfortunately for Williams, he decided to light it up on a sport bike first. He ended up crashing into a pole and mangling his body, ending his promising NBA career before it even began.

Plaxico Buress
Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…That’s exactly what Buress did a season after he won a Super Bowl. For some reason Plax was packing heat at a NY night club and for a guy who is used to beating safetys, it must have slipped his mind to keep the safety on the concealed pistol he had in his jeans. A bullet in the leg later, Plaxico’s NFL career was put on arrest, literally. New York doesn’t mess around with their gun laws, Plax ended up doing time.

K-Rod can now add his name to this infamous list of sports athletes, he should have taken a cue from the Reds pitcher Cueto and just cleeted the guy. But what does this mean for his struggling Mets? To be honest, does it really matter? The Mets didn’t have a chance in hell of making the playoffs anyways, K-Rod might as well have taken the rest of the year off, let’s just hope for his sake this doesn’t hamper him for the rest of his career.

What are the odds that the Mets void the rest of his 3 year $37 million contract?


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