Gaming Industry News Weekly Recap – Stories You Might Have Missed

weekly-news-recap-June-4On the Black Friday front, after learning that Full Tilt had apparently got one of its Irish bank accounts unfrozen, we learned that it hadn’t, then it had again. Clear? No, us neither. Meanwhile, an indicted Blue Monday individual claims he’s not who the Department of Justice think he is, and a certain Vancouver writer with a bad case of penal envy wants Canada to have its own Black Friday.

Phil Ivey sits out WSOP, sues Tiltware
Noble gesture or self-serving publicity ploy? Opinions are divided as to Ivey’s true motivation behind suing Full Tilt’s software outfit Tiltware for $150m. Unless you ask Full Tilt, because their scathing response to Ivey’s suit left little room for interpretation.

World Series of Poker 2012 to feature $1m buy-in event
In less than a year, the record for biggest buy-in at a poker event has quadrupled. By 2020, you’ll need a billion dollars just to walk into the Rio. A trillion, if you want to pinch a cocktail’s waitress bum.

Jake Cody becomes youngest ever poker triple crown winner
He’s 22, extremely talented and getting wealthier and more famous by the minute. We salute Jake Cody, but he’s really starting to piss us off.

Betfred wins race for the Tote
Done and done. Betfred’s Fred Done is riding tall in the saddle after his betting outfit beat out Sir Martin Broughton’s SIP to acquire the state-run betting pool.

Resorts Casino Hotel sees titties as big bouncy hope of reviving Atlantic City
Atlantic City has tried lots of ways to reverse its downward spiral, but perhaps Resorts Casino Hotel’s new Naked Circus tent will do the trick. Then again, in an age where you can watch women copulating with horses from the comfort of your laptop, titties alone probably ain’t going to cut it. Unless all those internet horses now belong to Betfred…

Singapore, Nevada gaming regulators sign memorandum of understanding
Singapore’s Casino Regulatory Authority and the Nevada Gaming Control Board have signed an agreement to share ideas on gaming. In particular, Nevada wants to know how Singapore’s two casinos are almost outperforming the entire Las Vegas Strip. Seriously, guys… Help us out.

Macau sets fourth consecutive monthly gaming revenue record
We’ve just about run out of superlatives to describe Macau’s ability to suck up Southeast Asia’s discretionary spending. Hoovertastic?

Pwin gets pwned in German court case
The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig, Germany gave (Pwin) a taste of the back of its hand this week, upholding the country’s ban on internet sports betting. This means Pwin is as guilty in the eyes of German law enforcement as PokerStars was in the eyes of the US Department of Justice, but you’ll never get Norbert to admit that.

Tabcorp shareholders approve splitting off casino and gaming businesses
Australia’s Tabcorp is so desperate for someone somewhere to acquire it that it’s breaking itself up into more easily digestible chunks. Just a suggestion, but we hear dousing oneself with saliva also helps prepare for digestion.

Australia’s National Rugby League bans ‘exotic’ bets
Under the guise of reducing the potential for tampering, the Aussie rugby bigwigs have banned so-called ‘exotic’ bets, like who’ll score first or which Tabcorp board member will be first to douse himself with saliva.

Italian football hit by match fixing allegations
You know, this never would have happened in Australia…

Bodog88 chief says humility is a must for entering the Asian market
Robert Gustafsson is not only the possessor of the best job in the world, he’s possessed with keen insights into what western operators need to know if they want to crack the lucrative Asian gaming market.

FIFA watchers shocked – shocked! – by continued corruption allegations
Another day, another FIFA scandal, but it didn’t stop Sepp Blatter getting the nod as FIFA president. By abstaining from the vote, the UK was apparently ‘black balled’, which we assume is the inevitable result if you let ‘blue balls’ persist for too long.

We’ll give you two options for how you want to remember the recent iGaming Super Show in Dublin. There’s the highlights from the conference floor, then there’s the video from the one-year anniversary/Seven Deadly Sins/Calvin Ayre’s 50th birthday party. FYI, no one will think any less of you based on which of these two links you choose to watch first.