A shout out to all Ayr United supporters

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My rookie season...

I’m definitely feeling the love of Ayr United supporters these days. Since announcing that the Bodog brand would be sponsoring the Honest Men next season, I’ve been literally engulfed by Facebook friend requests and personal messages, every one of them welcoming me aboard and inviting me round for a drink when I’m up there. (I’m hoping to make the trek to Ayr later this summer, which will allow me a little more time to get my liver in shape!) The response has been a humbling experience and has made me a huge fan of all of you in return.

How could you not be a fan of Somerset Boab? Takes some hefty stones to volunteer to be choir director of a rowdy football crowd. I’ve posted Boab’s latest at the bottom of this page, in which he poses a question I’ve been hearing from many of my new Ayr friends: is Bodog going to take on a larger role in the team, beyond the sponsorship?

You know how when you go out on a first date with someone, and everything’s going really great, and then out of nowhere the other person suggests moving in together? Seriously, I love you guys, but Bodog haven’t even started the sponsorship yet! Bodog’s coming along just as the team moves up a league and next year will be a great one for all of us to build this partnership… I don’t personally run any of the Bodog licensees anymore, but I know the Bodog team has some great plans to put Ayr on the map in the UK and beyond, so let’s all enjoy the moment, raise a glass to a huge season ahead and keep the Moff afire! Sing us out, Boab…


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