Swansea promotion may renew calls from north of the border

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Swansea make Premier LeagueIf you believe those in the media yesterday’s playoff final is worthy of just one tag line: “Football’s not a matter of life and death … it’s more important than that.” Dubbed “the £90milion game,” Swansea had the better resolve as they ran out winners by four goals to two. Their eventual route to destination:Premier League was far-from clear cut on the afternoon.

Anyone familiar with the sudden death nature of the Football League playoffs will know that a 3-0 half-time lead should never be dwelt upon. Swansea may have been guilty of this here as the width of a post was all that got in the way of Reading drawing level midway through the second half. Scott Sinclair’s stellar performance was too much for the profligate opposition defence and his hat trick meant that a Welsh team has made it to the promised for the first time ever.

Swansea’s ascent to the Premier League could have repercussions across another national border. It won’t have gone unnoticed by those north of the border with Scotland and calls for Celtic and Rangers to be admitted to the English leagues could well be renewed. There’s a difference between the way Swansea achieved promotion and the method with which the Scottish sides will want admission though.

Swansea started off at the very bottom and made their way up through the leagues over almost 100 years. Celtic and Rangers would want to enter as high as possible. It wouldn’t be particularly fair but it won’t stop the two clubs pushing for an easy passage into the English league and the bookies will likely be alerted to this as a possibility. Swansea has shown how it can and should be done, which should be given a large amount of respect. Whether they’ll stay in the big time is another matter but for now, the South Wales city will be bouncing.


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