iGaming Super Show Kickoff Party Review

Vanilla Nightclub

Vanilla Night ClubThe iGaming Super Show kicked off on Tuesday with a full day of events and of course that means a party. The CalvinAyre.com team were in attendance to bring you the straight goods on the iGaming Super Show Opening Party at Vanilla Nightclub.

Vanilla Nightclub, is ironically named because the club is anything but Vanilla. It’s one of Dublin’s newest and hottest nightspots. The room is completely white to give it the Vanilla feel. Although, when the lights some suggest you can see where all the girls with the spray on tans were sitting. We can’t confirm that but we can be sure you’ll see a few red wine stains from our lovely news team who enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

The crowd was like most iGaming party, a sausage fest but the vibe was super cool. The dance floor was packed as about 400 Super Show delegates danced to upbeat Top 40 and house music. Our very own Dana Workman was seen tearing up the dance floor to her new favourite tune, Superstyling by Groove Armada.

We had mixed reviews on the eye candy, the iGaming girls looked hot but there was a lack of other promotional DAF-FLORENTmodels for the drunken revellers to stare at longingly.

The DAF Award went to a very deserving gentleman by the name of Florent. Florent is a dead ringer for Justin Timberlake, that is if JT was three sheets to the wind on promo liquor. Florent snatched the award away from the other candidates with his assurances that he wasn’t drunk, he was just tipsy.

Overall, the iGaming Super Show kickoff party was a great start to the biggest iGaming show of the year.

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