iGaming SuperShow 2011

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When it comes to gaming conferences there’s not many that match up to the iGaming Super Show. Last year’s show had everything – the parties, the seminars, the gamblin’, and of course the launch party of the only place for all your industry news, CalvinAyre.com. The venue, Prague, was the kind of place the iGaming industry feels at home – a city where gamblin’, drinkin’, and carryin’ on are embraced in equal measure.

Dublin has already been announced as the home for next year’s festivities and it’s likely to be a very special event for this site in particular. Not only is the iGaming Super Show going to be held, Calvin Ayre’s 50th party is taking place as a fitting close to the still 100% free event.

Last year’s was the first of its kind and from May 24th to 26th, Dublin will see why few people returned from Prague without a heavy hangover. iGaming Business really does excel in organizing these events and they don’t forget that the most important part for most attending is that it’s a fun experience. This year they’ve chosen a new venue and situated the exhibition centre nearer to the city itself to make it more convenient for all those attending.

As for the exhibition floor itself, this is split into two distinct sections with one for affiliates and the other B2B. One part will be where you can see enough hot girls to satisfy even the most voyeuristic of men. This comes in addition to plenty of freebies such as free beer and condoms to name but a few. Whereas the B2B side is where you can do serious business, some even using it as a cooling off area after spending the day on the affiliate side.

The number of delegates attending is expected to top 2500, and there will be a plethora of networking opportunities to help you meet the person of utmost importance to your business. In addition to networking opportunities and the exhibition floor there will be a number of conferences and seminars taking place.

In Prague last time out presentations looked at everything from the newly emerging markets throughout Europe to how to get the best out of your affiliate programs, and the state of the US market – a common theme at almost every conference right now. There were also a number of round tables on different subjects, always moderated by people with extremely accurate knowledge of the subject matter involved.

Keynote speakers in the past have included former-Formula 1 driver David Coulthard and Second Life’s Chris Collins showing that the iGaming Super Show looks at all areas concerning the industry and not just iGaming itself.

With the conference streams arranged up to six months in advance and a real chance that you can get your hands on THE most coveted of DAF awards at Calvin Ayre’s 50th party, what are you waiting for?

Start drinking Guinness in preparation and keep your diaries free for next May – it’s going to be a conference you really can’t afford to miss.

iGaming Supershow 2011 Dublin