PokerStars making payouts Full Tilt plans defence

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pokerstars full tilt doj deal smallThankfully for US poker players affected by Black Friday, PokerStars entered into an agreement with the DoJ that would allow the company to be able to make payouts to their players. As we speak that process is already underway and US players are able to receive their funds out of their PokerStars account via snail mail.

It hasn’t been confirmed at this time that Full Tilt has been able to do the same. If you take a visit to you will no longer see the FBI/DOJ page, rather, you will automatically be sent to

US players and residents have a message box with following message:

“Full Tilt Poker has always maintained the highest levels of integrity and compliance with the law. Due to recent events, Full Tilt Poker is unable to accept ‘Real Money’ play from customers residing in the United States. However, please know that your funds are safe and secure. We are working with the United States Attorney’s Office in order to get players their money back as soon as possible.

To further clarify any confusion, although the government did not seize individual players’ accounts, it did seize the bank accounts in which those funds are held. At this time, the government has refused to release the seized bank accounts.

Full Tilt Poker continues to believe that neither its affiliated companies nor its executives violated the law in the United States, and it plans to mount a vigorous defence.”

One thing is for sure, Full Tilt will definitely be making good on that promise to mount a vigorous defence, at least their high powered team of lawyers will. To begin with, their lawyers will try and tackle the fraud charge, especially since there are no victims in this case except the coffers of a certain star spangled country. And that’s great, but surely at this point, their players are more concerned about getting their money back.


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