NFL Lockout update

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Jim BrownSo far, we haven’t had much to cheer about in regards to the NFL and the NFL Players resolving their ongoing labour dispute. Worse yet, Hall of Fame and pro football legend Jim Brown has told  SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio that there’s no way the players are united.

Specifically, Brown said:  “There’s no way for players to be united. When this whole thing is over what you’re gonna have are a lot of victims that are borderline players or players that are finishing their careers that need this season to really round out their economic situation.”

You won’t find a lot of people doubting the truth in Brown’s statements. Brown has openly questioned the NFLPA leadership and believes the lockout should never have happened. All I’m trying to say is where was Brown before this whole thing went down?

Cracks in the NFLPA are already starting to show. SportsBusiness Journal reported that about 70 NFL players are seeking to jump ship off from the NFLPA’s representation in the antitrust suit against the NFL. The group may seek to join the case and seek its own seat at the parties’ mediation.

To be frank, this must be playing out exactly how the owners had foreseen it would. When the NFLPA dissolved as a union and became a trade organization, it effectively abandoned its right to speak and bargain collectively on behalf of all NFL players. It was only a matter of time before middle to low level players splintered off from the pack. Let’s face it, they have bills to pay, families to look after and food to put on the table just like everyone else.

Bottom line, time is on the owner’s side. A judge has recently adjourned talks between the two sides until May 16 2011, but the clock is ticking on the players. The longer this thing goes, the more hand the owners gain.

On the flipside, for gaming industry professionals, we honestly can’t truly care about the intricacies of the negotiating points, all we want is a resolution so that football can be played. In that light, we can take some positives from the apparent splintering of the players, that this thing might be coming to an end.

Hey, we need to eat too!


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