2011-2012 NFL Schedules released

Cowboys CheerleadersThe NFL’s 2011-2012 season schedule has been officially released and it is generating a lot of attention on the internet. Normally, the buzz would be over which team has the easiest schedule and which team has the worst and so on. For many gambling industry professionals and sportsbooks, the schedule at this point looks like an ominous tally for how many profitable NFL games might be lost due to the NFL Lockout.

If there’s one positive thing we can take from seeing the NFL schedule for next season it is that the Dallas Cowboys are once again scheduled to dominate the NFL’s national TV schedule. They don’t call them America’s team for nothing, this will mark the second consecutive season that the Cowboys owned the spotlight, it’s clear a criteria for the honor has nothing to do with the team’s play. The Cowboys didn’t even come close to making the post-season after the joke of season they had last year.

But as I said this is still a positive thing. Considering the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was one of the owners that was instrumental in planning for and planning ahead for the NFL Lockout, Jones does hold significant input in the negotiations. Sadly, reports have indicated that he and other owners had rarely been present at the negotiation tables.

But now, just maybe with his team scheduled to be in the spotlight and a possible turnaround season on the horizon, maybe Jerry Jones might be more willing to get a deal done with NFL Players. Hell, the guy loves his team to be the center of attraction, that’s why he built the biggest NFL stadium in the league. Jerry Jones himself likes the spotlight, and he’s scheduled to get a lot of camera time on the sidelines and in the VIP booths next season, let’s hope his ego starts to wear him down and he pushes the other owners to try and resolve this mess.

The Cowboys are locked in for at least six nationally televised appearances and could possibly end up with more TV exposure by the time it’s all said and done.