Weekly Poll Results

nfl lockoutFor many sportsbooks, particularly those that cater to a North American market, NFL football is the lifeblood of the business. NFL football typically generates the most revenue and it is among the easiest sports to wager on. It’s understandable then, that with the current NFL Lockout still in effect, gaming professionals are just as concerned as NFL players and all the other markets that will be affected by an extended NFL work stoppage.

Everyone is wondering the same thing.

How long will the NFL Lockout last? We polled the question, here are the results.

The leading response at 39 percent was that the NFL Lockout would last until the Pre-season.

22 percent had no faith that this situation would be resolved, and believed there will be no NFL season this year, god forbid!

17 percent felt there would be a partial interruption of the Pre-season.

11 percent felt the lockout would extend into September and have a partial interruption on the NFL regular season.

6 percent felt the lockout would be over by the NFL Draft which takes place April 28-30 and just 5 percent felt the lockout would be over by the time training camp starts at the end of July.

Obviously, for our purposes, the sooner both sides figure out their differences and the sooner the players can get back on the field, the better.

Right now it doesn’t look pretty. The owners haven’t even been sending people capable of making decisions to the negotiating tables.

But let’s hope for the sake of our industry there is a 2011-2012 NFL season, and while we’re hoping for that, let’s hope the NBA doesn’t pull the same stunt.