Australia hands out information on mobile gambling

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Australia issues mobile gambling informationMobile is the latest part of the gambling industry that has come under attack in Australia. There are concerns that the ease of access to sites on smart phone devices will push suggestions that there should be controls put in place by the government.

Bingo Supermarkets reports that South Australia’s Minister for Gambling, Bernard Finnegan said, “Often the 18 to 34 age group is unaware of their gambling problem or don’t know at what stage their gambling can become a problem,” as he announced the launch of a new information plan targeting the age group.

Also weighing in with her opinion was Jennifer Rankine, the Families and Communities Minister.

“It highlights the fact that in many cases, what gamblers stand to win is actually things they have already lost through compulsive gambling, such as relationships and employment,” she said.

“The adverts encourage these young men to visit a new website, Win Back Your, where they can answer a series of questions about gambling that will provide more information about where to get help if needed.

“Dealing with problem gambling at the early stages can prevent the problem from getting worse to the point where the gambler loses everything,” the minister claimed.

It comes as plans for reform of the pokies sector continue in a country that seems to be constantly at odds with large parts of the gambling industry. Any reform of the pokies industry is likely to push people online or onto their smart phones, meaning that educating the masses on how not to develop a problem was almost inevitable.


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