Clubs Australia launch campaign and Betfred to premiere new ad

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Pokies plans un-australianAs the debate over pokies reform rumbles on in Australia, the clubs have come out with their latest comments on the plans.

We already reported that Clubs Australia was putting up $20million to fight the plans and they now claim that the plans are “un-Australian.” What does that mean though? Aussies are known for their kangaroos, koala bears, love of cold beer and the beach. So they may have a point.

Pokies are present in watering holes across the land so understandably the pub and club owners aren’t too pleased at Andrew Wilkie’s plans

Never short of a few words on pokies reform, Clubs Australia president Peter Newell, on the eve of launching the “It’s Un-Australian” campaign, told, “This licence to punt will send pubs and clubs broke

“It is quite simply un-Australian.”

Wilkie hopes to have the plans in place by 2014 but with such strong opposition it looks like this fight will roll on for some time yet.

Betfred founder Fred DoneIn other news, sports book provider Betfred are making further tracks in the lucrative mobile gambling industry as they unveil a new advertising campaign. Being shown for the first time during tonight’s Premier League clash between Liverpool and Mancchester City, it will aim to boost their share of a part of the market that is constantly growing.

John Haddock, managing director of Betfred, commented: “Our mobile product is a fantastic innovation for our punters and I am absolutely delighted with the advert. You can put on your football and horse-racing bets but the best innovation is betting in play. You can now have a punt while watching the match in the pub or actually at the game. And as always it’s Betfred’s competitive prices.”

All I hope is next time I’m walking through a generic park in the North West, Fred starts offering me odds on all manner of occurrences.

The video can be seen below:


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