Tabcorp Partners with Phumelela

phumelelaTabcorp has entered into a strategic partnership with Phumelela Gold Enterprises (PGE), under which both parties will jointly take over the operation of the totalisator gateway business, Premier Gateway International.

The relationship will take the form of an incorporated joint venture known as Premier Gateway International (PGI). Tabcorp has now become the first international tote operator to accept the invitation to join PGE in the gateway business.

PGE and Tabcorp are looking towards a goal of global co-mingling and this joint venture between the two organisations is the first step towards that endeavor.

Rian du Plessis, Phumelela Group CEO, said in the press release, “We are delighted at the prospect of entering into this strategic relationship with Tabcorp and look forward to working with them in developing the Isle of Man gateway to its full potential.

“The gateway will offer different tote operators the ability to co-mingle tote pools with different totes through one software solution as opposed to having to develop a variety of solutions,” du Plessis added.

David Attenborough, Tabcorp’s Managing Director of Wagering, said in the release, “We believe that the Australian and New Zealand racing industry will benefit from the additional export opportunity created by Tabcorp totalisator pools becoming accessible through the gateway. This can build on the $A28m already distributed to the Australian racing industry over the last five years by the Tabcorp-owned Sky Racing, which manages Australian racing’s international rights and exports it to 30 countries.”