Brock Lesnar focused on getting UFC title back

brock lesnarBrock is a huge moneymaker for sportsbooks and the UFC. Everytime Lesnar steps in the ring he’s the main event and a huge frenzy of betting activity always follows. As such, it’s comforting to hear that Lesnar isn’t heading back to wrestling anytime soon and is looking forward to his fight against Junior dos Santos on June 11.

Lesnar seems focussed on getting his championship belt back from Cain Velasquez and has made it clear to everyone that he’s still learning and he’s still getting comfortable in the ring.

Let’s keep in mind that Lesnar doesn’t have the seasoned experience as some of these other vets that have been fighting and perfecting their craft for several years. As Lesnar puts it in his interview with Hannah Storm on ESPN’s SportsCenter, “…I’ve been thrown to the wolves; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Neither would bettors or UFC fans. Lesnar certainly looks and sounds determined to return to the spotlight. For this season of the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter, Lesnar is making his debut as one of the coaches. Seeing Lesnar regularly on television should help to generate more excitement and for sportsbooks, more action for his upcoming fight.