Is Brock Lesnar considering a return to the WWE?

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Lesnar(l): think he shaves his chest?

Rumors are swirling that Brock Lesnar is considering a return to the WWE to fight the Undertaker in Wrestlemania 27 next spring. The way Lesnar got beat down by a Cain who isn’t the Undertaker’s brother, I can see why Lesnar might want to get back into a sport where they don’t hit you for real.

Let’s hope Lesnar thinks this one through and doesn’t fall back into Vince McMahon’s clutches, it could seriously hurt his MMA career as far as credibility goes. Instead of wrestling, he should probably be working on his technique. You can’t just sit on everyone in the MMA, you have know how to fight.

Rumor or not, obviously, a showdown in Wrestlemania 27 would be a huge payday for Lesnar, but what about us Brock? We can’t bet on Wrestlemania, and if we can’t bet on it, then well, who cares about it?

Think of people the Brock. Think of the many gamblers who have helped bolster the popularity of MMA to a point where it holds its own on a weekend filled with College Football, Major League Baseball playoffs and the NFL.

If Lesnar fights the Undertaker he might see his MMA career rest in peace.


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