OLG rolls out electronic bingo for charity

Bingo has been used in the province of Ontario for many years to raise money for charitable causes. The provincial government introduced pilot electronic bingo sites, including towns like Peterborough Ontario, to help raise money for charities, in 2005. The program, in partnership with Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG), was expanded in 2007 and continues to expand.

The OLG said it is joining forces with the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA) and the Commercial Gaming Association Ontario (CGAO) to provide more electronic bingo outlets for Ontario residents.

Electronic Bingo, as opposed to its paper counterpart, appeals to a broader demographic, and perhaps a younger one, and provides a different gaming entertainment experience.

“We are proud to be helping charities in their efforts to stabilise and grow their fundraising,” said John Wisternoff, Vice President for Charitable Gaming and iGaming at OLG in the release. “This spells ‘WIN’ for Ontario: more support for charities, communities and commercial operators across the province.”

Lynn Cassidy, Executive Director of the OCGA commented in the release, “The intent of this revitalisation initiative is to preserve and enhance the funding for charities across Ontario for years to come…The OCGA, in collaboration with OLG and the CGAO will work toward a secure funding model for charities across Ontario.”

This is just another example of how gambling in its various forms can be used to not only entertain, but to raise money for charitable causes.

Additionally, it’s a great image builder for OLG, which will likely look to jump into the online gambling space in the near future.