Google attempts to run Circles round competitors

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Google Social Circle - Lifestyle and Gaming Industry If you thought you had all the social network accounts on the planet then think again as another might be about to touch down at the crowded heliport d’friends.

Facebook and Twitter may well have taken over from where Myspace and Bebo started off but the clamor to make a successful site has meant that instead of taking one over Google may be making their own.

The rumors have been around for a while but it now looks like May could be the date when Google Circles will be launched.

Still shrouded in secrecy, and not known whether it will even be released, rumors are that it will allow users to share photos, videos, and status updates. The service will inform those in your closest “circle” of friends when you update anything on your profile as opposed to everyone on your list.

There are mixed signals coming out of Google, and a writer on Read Write Web, although being told to the contrary, believes that there may be something in the pipeline but they’ve simply chosen not to unveil it at SXSW Interactive.

What it might mean for the online gaming industry is not know, but the success of Zynga shows how social networking can easily be used in order to gain a significant standing in the online gaming market, even if in some cases no money is changing hands.

It remains to be seen what happens but it will probably be the case that Google won’t be running Circles around any of their competitors in this space any time soon.


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