Union decertifies, NFL lockout looms

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Today is quickly turning into a dark Friday for online sportsbooks, bettors and NFL fans. We had been following the negotiation talks of the NFL and NFLPA over course of the past couple weeks and many of us were optimistic that a deal would be reached after Judge Doty`s ruling.

A little encouragement came news broke that the two sides had at least agreed on a rookie pay scale. But in the end, there was just too many issues that the NFL and NFLPA could not agree on.

As the CBA deadline approached, talks broke down today between the two sides and the union announced it would de-certify having failed to reach an agreement on a number of issues.

Some of the major points of contention are whether to extend the regular season to 18 games and revenue distribution, with the latter being the most contentious issue.

So our worst fears are on the verge of coming to pass as we grow ever so close to the NFL’s first work stoppage since the players went on strike in 1987.

Just peaking ahead, this may really affect the NFL Draft and the wheeling and dealing that is normally done. With a lockout, once players are selected in the draft they can have no contact with their respective teams, aside from the congratulatory phone call.

Of course, a lockout lasts it will do more than just affect the NFL Draft, it will have a major impact on our gaming industry.


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