NFL Lockout Update


nfl-lockout-bad-news-for-nevadaAs it stands right now, the NFL and NFLPA are in mediation talks in Washington with George Cohen of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Early reports from and the NFL network are that both sides are considering pushing back the midnight deadline to allow more time for negotiations.

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated tweeted: “Source: NFL’s owners and players discussing extending deadline. no decision made yet. story upcoming on”

We’ll continue to follow this story by keeping our eyes and ears open to all available sources as this outcome of today’s events could have an enormous impact on our gaming industry.

Keep in mind, the player’s union could very well decertify today, and that would have to take place before the midnight deadline, so it could happen at any moment now.

Yesterday, a huge decision made by Judge David Doty removed the noose the owners had around the player’s necks and evened the battlefield a little bit, but we shall see if the two sides can work out an agreement before midnight or if an extension will occur.
Whatever happens, we’ll keep you posted.