Detroit Pistons team falling apart

richard hamilton
Buy me out!
It’s getting ugly in Detroit right now and it doesn’t look like things are going to get any prettier anytime soon. It appears the team has given head coach John Kuester a vote of no confidence, or at least that’s what it looks like. Several players from the Pistons decided to miss practice before the team’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rumors swirled that the display was a mutiny against Head Coach John Kuester, but the Detroit brass said the players all had good excuses, except for Hamilton and Wilcox. A total of seven Pistons missed at least part of the practice Friday and the Pistons only played six players against the 76ers that night. Needless to say, they got absolutely blasted.

Tonight, you can expect more of the same as they take on the Utah Jazz.

What would happen in the office if over 50 percent of the workforce decided to skip work? It sure must be nice to not have to go to work because you have a hangnail, or a slight headache, or the damn sniffles. Sick? That’s not an excuse. It never used to be. What happened to the days when players used rub a little dirt on it and jump back out there? Is it any surprise that the Pistons are 21-39?

Why the hell didn’t they get rid of Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince before the trade deadline? Are the Pistons going buyout Hamilton or are they going to let him continue to be a cancer on the team? They could at least buy him out before March 1st, that way, Hamilton could have the opportunity to end up on a contender’s playoff roster…like, the Celtics, or the Heat? Or maybe even the Spurs? Could be interesting.

How long before John Kuester gets the axe? Sportsbooks, here’s looking at you.