The NFL Combine is a big deal

nfl reporterThe NFL Combine is not just another sporting event that happens in the offseason. We’ve already discussed the relevance of the NFL and the betting options that the NFL combine offers, but still many sportsbooks have no offerings on this.

It’s not surprising that international sportsbooks don’t have an American Football offering, but perhaps it should be noted that the NFL combine is not a small insignificant event. Last year alone the event drew around 4 million viewers over the four days it was on TV. That’s complete domination.

Just for shits and giggles I decided to do a random check on a number various sportsbook offerings. I checked out Bet365, nothing, Paddy, nada as expected. But then I checked out, thinking surely they would have an offering, they do concerning lockout that hasn’t yet started will end, but nothing on the NFL combine that starts tomorrow. BetUs had nothing on the NFL combine either, in fact it was really surprising to see just how many North American sportsbooks didn’t have an offering for the NFL combine.

To me, that’s a fumble. With 4 million viewers in four days, imagine how many of them are bettors looking for a little more NFL action to add to their week of NBA betting.

There’s two offseason events that NFL holds that should trump all other sports and that’s the combine and the NFL Draft. There’s no reason why North American Sportsbooks shouldn’t be offering their clients betting options on both.

It’s always the NFL combine that gets slept on. Of course, no sportsbook worth their salt skips out on the NFL Draft, which last year drew 45.4 million viewers on the NFL Network and ESPN and millions more bettors.