2011 NFL Combine gearing up

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nfl combineIn just one short day, the freakiest athletes that walk this planet will enter the NFL combine and show off their raw natural ability. They’ll be showing their stuff in front of men with clipboards who will record every single measurable aspect of the day.

It’s hard for the common person to understand how half a second, or an inch or two, or even a few reps on the bench press can be the difference between millions of dollars and fighting for a spot on an NFL team.

Why does the gaming industry love and need the NFL so much? It’s because the NFL is the one North American sport that even when they’re not playing, people are still betting on the NFL, and now they’ll be betting on the NFL combine.

Many Sportsbooks already have their odds up for the various events of the NFL combine, but the fan and bettor favourite will always be the 40 yard dash. Will there be another “Coaches Dream” this year?

Bodog has odds on whether to fastest 40 yard dash time will be under or over 4.30 seconds. For those of you who don’t know, anyone that runs a sub 4.3 forty yard dash time, can probably run fast enough to push time backwards. It’s as close to inhuman as you can get.
It should be interesting to see how Cam Newton, the golden boy of college football does at the combine, and what events he’ll participate in.

To spice up the slower betting season, all sportsbooks and call centers should hold their own employee combines and take office bets. Now that would be fun!


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