New survey shows that majority of NJ residents support sports betting


New-survey-shows-that-majority-of-NJ-residents-support-sports-bettingThe survey asked a number of Garden State natives whether or not they supported the current federal ban on sports betting, with 53 percent of respondents claiming that the law should be repealed. In state results were even better, with 62 percent of Jersey residents supporting the addition of sports betting operations within the home of Springsteen itself.

Despite this groundswell of support from his constituents, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is now expected to bow to his conservative overlords and veto recently passed legislation that would license and regulate both online gambling and sports betting.

Should Christie decide not to tow the party line, as he has hinted in the past, it would likely set off a chain reaction of events, with similar legislation passing in California, Florida and other states seeking new sources of revenue to fill gaps in their budgets.