Mayweather tweets betting skillz; Super Bowl sets tweets per second record

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floyd-mayweather-bet-slipsFloyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. is back at the M Resort’s sports book in Las Vegas, dropping five-figure bets on NBA action, attempting to justify his nickname. As the Detroit Pistons handed the woeful Cleveland Cavaliers their 26th straight loss, Floyd tweeted the following: “My first Bet I won today. Pistons Beat the Cavs and got me paid.” As is his tradition, Mayweather provided visual proof of his prognosticatin’ skillz for the world to enjoy.

But Floyd isn’t one to rest on his laurels (unless, of course, Manny Pacquiao comes looking for a fight). Mayweather immediately doubled down: “My 2nd Bet of the Day. I bet a little bit more. Add those two tickets together and tell me what I won. Lol”. Apparently, Mayweather can pick winners without fail, but sadly, he never learned to add. We know the answer to Floyd’s query is $113,304, and we didn’t even need to take off our socks to figure it out. Regardless, well done, Floyd. Although, frankly, we’re half convinced that instead of redeeming his tickets for the pretty green money, Floyd will tie them to the hood of his ride like they were dead deer and cruise up and down the Strip honking his horn and flashing his lights.

Floyd ain’t the only one making the most of his Twitter feed. According to Twitter’s own figures, the 2011 Super Bowl eclipsed the record for tweets per second (TPS) during a sporting event. The previous record belonged to the Japan v. Denmark match at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which peaked at a respectable 3,283 TPS. But this Bowl is Super, after all. Not only was the World Cup record broken, it was broken six separate times during Sunday’s gridiron grapple. The biggest peak (4,064) came during the much-maligned half-time show, in which the Twitterverse apparently all typed ‘WTF this sucks’ at the same time. The overall highest TPS ever recorded (6,939) occurred just past midnight in Japan this past New Year’s Eve. Man, imagine if Tokyo ever got an NFL expansion franchise…


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