Apple degrading the environment according to report


apple-environmentAs Apple’s world domination picks up apace without born leader Steve Jobs it certainly seems from the outside as if everyone is using it all as a good excuse to give them a hearty boot in the nether regions. If it wasn’t the share price dipping then Hugh Hefner is taking advantage to add a fully uncensored version of Playboy to the iPad.

The latest though is more a statement of fact than a kick in the balls to be honest. The Guardian has written that a report in China has accused Apple’s products of degrading the environment and at the same time poisoning workers in various factories.

Despite claims to the contrary, Apple is currently joint bottom of 29 major IT firms in terms of transparency due to their reluctance to disclose any of their operations in China.

“Behind their stylish image, Apple products have a side many do not know about – pollution and poison. This side is hidden deep within the company’s secretive supply chain,” claims a statement by the 36 groups involved in the Green Choice Initiative, the people behind the report.

The report also reveals waste discharge violations in recent years at several firms that are thought to be in Apple’s supply chain.

In terms of damage to the environment they could do worse than has done by switching to the ThorDC data centre in Iceland. Using this means a very small carbon footprint and no charges of degrading the environment.

The amount of money Apple makes on a daily basis you’d like to think that they could do something to help the environment but if it doesn’t affect the sales of their latest i[insert word here] then who are they to care.